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Overview: How CNC Laser Cutting works?

The Basics Of CNC Laser Cutting

Laser cutting generates the first 2D flat of the sheet metal fabrication. Turnaround time for laser cutting is faster than punching, saving you time on shorter runs, and is more precise and consistent cut than mechanical cutting.

CNC laser cutting produces consistent clean edges to the most exacting tolerances. It is a flexible, versatile manufacturing solution for fabricating parts with complex geometries that require distortion-free finishes.

How Laser Cutting Works

Laser cutting machines convert laser energy into extremely high amounts of heat by focusing a laser beam. This heat is enough to melt or vaporize metal. When the laser beam passes through the material, it creates a thin line on the metal surface. The production line is hot enough to cut the material.

How Laser Cutting Works

By manipulating the movement of the cutting head, the machine can complete cutting of complex shapes.

There are three types of laser cutting machines: CO2 laser cutting machines, YAG laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. Despite the different types, the working process of a laser cutter is relatively the same.

Features of CNC Laser Cutting

Rapid Turnaround
The cutting speed is fast and the cutting speed is stable, which can realize cutting methods such as fast cutting and lightning cutting.
Cutting Quality
The hot zone of the sheet metal cut by the laser cutting machine has little influence, the cross section is smooth, and the incision is narrow. The roughness of the cutting section is as low as tens of microns, no secondary processing is required, and all are formed.
Material Selection
It can effectively cut metal sheets of various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, non-ferrous metals, etc.
Tight Tolerance
Laser cutting has high dimensional accuracy and can cut obtuse angles and narrow seams.
Device Restrictions
Due to the limitation of laser power and equipment volume, laser cutting can only cut medium and small thickness plates and pipes, and as the thickness of the workpiece increases, the cutting speed decreases significantly.

Available sheet metal fabrication processes

Our network of Manufacturing Partners gives you easy access to sheet metal fabrication capabilities to serve all your manufacturing needs.

Name Description Allowable sheet thickness
Laser cutting This manufacturing process uses a high-power laser beam to cut a material sheet. 0.5-10mm
Bending This manufacturing process uses a dies to produce a U-shape 0.5-6mm
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Tolerances for sheet metal fabrication

Feature Tolerance
Cutting feature ±.0078"(0.2mm)
Bend angle ±1.0°
Bend to edge +/-0.010"(0.254mm)

Available Materials for sheet metal fabrication

Our thermoplastic-like SLA materials include grades of ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene, along with a durable nickel-coating option.

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