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Surface Finishing

#1000 sanding

#1000 sanding is a common surface treatment that improves the surface flatness and smoothness of parts. This treatment is applicable in many industries, including precision machinery, medical equipment, and optical devices.

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Introduction to #1000 sanding

#1000 sanding
#1000 sanding

Sanding is the use of fine abrasive sand particles to rub the surface of the product to produce a diffuse, non-linear texture effect. Adhere different abrasive grit to the backing paper or the back of the board, and the abrasive grit can be distinguished by different granularities according to the size: the higher the particle size, the finer the abrasive grit, so the surface effect is better.

Technical Properties

Applicable Sharp edges and burrs Premium appearance availability Tolerances
Metals, Plastics Removed Yes Met after surface finish

Example of a #1000 sanding Part

#1000 sanding
#1000 sanding