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Full feature custom PCB prototype service.


Express Solution for Auto Parts Manufacturing

Online instant pricing & Free DFM
Rapid prototype as far as 2 days
Tight tolerance control into +/- 0.01mm
Bosch HP tesla foxconn

We provide unrivaled speed and efficiency for automotive industry prototyping and production.

Powerful Capabilities

Powerful Capabilities

Our powerful manufacturing capabilities are the cornerstone of our success.

Instant Quotation

Instant Quotation

Get accurate and timely quotes with our innovative instant quotation system.

High Precision Parts

High Precision Parts

Our advanced manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge technology allow us to produce intricate.

Fast Cycle Time

Fast Cycle Time

At PCBWay, we pride ourselves on delivering fast cycle times that keep you ahead of the competition.

Production Verification Test
Mass production


Accelerate early design turnaround with a variety of 3D printing and vacuum casting options.

Rapid Pototype
Automotive Parts Application

Automotive Parts Applications

Rapid prototyping
3D printing, CNC machining, to verify the feasibility of new designs.
Supply of production accessories
Volume manufacturing support

Cooperation With the Top Automotive Companies Worldwide

From custom designs to unique color and material options, PCBWay’s innovative manufacturing model gives you an advanced competitive edge.

  • Electric vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicle sensors
  • Intermediary & replacement parts
  • Electric bikes and scooters
  • Infotainment systems
  • Utility vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Manufacturing line jigs & fixtures
  • Autonomous driving components
  • EV battery testing components
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Automotive Companies

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Company's Strengths

  • Technologies
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    Partner Network & Industrial Base

  • EMS
    1,682,560 +

    Parts & Prototypes Produced

  • Passionate Employees
    100 +

    Materials and Finishings

PCBWay is a one-stop solution platform from prototyping, R&D to mass production. Utilizing our instant quoting platform and comprehensive supplier network, you can quickly obtain design validation and accelerate your product launch.

Production capacity

Industry certifications including ISO 9001, IATF16949

Strict quality control

Provide professional quality inspection report

  • Standard Inspection with Formal Report
  • CMM Inspection with Formal Report
  • Source Material Certification

Instant quote online

The online order page provides different parameters and processes to get a quote quickly

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Recognized by Many Large Enterprises

  • Consumer electronics companies
  • Personal and household products manufacturers
  • Automobile OEMs
  • Automotive Part Companies
  • Aircraft OEMs
  • Commercial aviation companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Diagnostics equipment manufacturers
  • Industrial robot manufacturers
  • Heavy Machinery Manufacturers

Gallery of Automotive Parts


How is quality ensured in injection molding for automotive manufacturing?

Quality in injection molding for automotive manufacturing is ensured through rigorous quality control, precise process parameter control, proper mold design and maintenance, material selection, and testing. Advanced technologies and regular maintenance are employed to maintain consistent part quality.

How is 3D printing used for rapid iteration in automotive design?

3D printing enables quick iteration in automotive design by facilitating rapid prototyping, functional testing, and design validation. It allows designers to make modifications efficiently without expensive tooling, reducing development time.

What are the differences between sheet metal fabrication and injection molding in automotive?

Sheet metal fabrication involves shaping and bending metal sheets, while injection molding utilizes molten material injected into molds. Both processes have distinct advantages and are used based on design requirements and production volumes.

How do CNC machining and 3D printing collaborate in automotive manufacturing?

CNC machining and 3D printing complement each other in automotive manufacturing. CNC machining excels in producing high-precision, functional components, while 3D printing is ideal for rapid prototyping and complex geometries. By combining these technologies, manufacturers optimize production processes and enhance efficiency.



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