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Surface Finishing

Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin)

Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin) surface treatment is suitable for the manufacturing and processing of many metal parts, especially for structural parts that do not require high surface requirements but require high mechanical performance and durability.

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Introduction to Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin)

Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin)
Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin)

The finish option with the quickest turnaround. Visible tool marks, potentially sharp edges and burrs would be removed by default. (If you need parts with sharp edges and burrs, please remark below or note on 2D drawing). Surface finish is comparable to 125 uin Ra finish.

Technical Properties

Applicable Sharp edges and burrs Premium appearance availability Tolerances
Metals, Plastics Removed Yes Met after surface finish

Example of a Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin) Part

Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin)
Standard (As-Milled) (Ra 125μin)