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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started 5 questions
  • How do I get a manufacturing quote? How do I see costs and lead times?

    Learn how to build your first quote: upload your part, specify requirements and review DfM feedback.
    There are two ways to get a quote! If you do not have an account, please start by registering here .
    1. Online Quote :Uploading files to PCBWay takes just a couple of seconds. Click the 'Select CAD files' button or drag your CAD files anywhere on the pcbway.com/rapid-prototyping/manufacture/ page.You’ll get instant pricing for 80% of our 3D printing material, just upload one or more 3D CAD file directly like online shopping.CNC Machining,Sheet metal & Injection molding,Final price is subject to our review.we will send you quotation after reviewing and inspecting your requests with our experts.
    3D Upload file
    20% materials are not shown in instant pricing due to their complex pricing structure. Also post-processing like painting/polishing/electroplating cannot be quoted automatically, there will be price corrections in your final quotation.
    2.Manual Review:(3dcnc@pcbway.com): Get quotation from our skillful team with best solution. The experts are all at your service! Just upload your 3D CAD file(or with any 2D drawing/instructions). All quotation can be found at your order page , you will get notified via email if there’re any updates.

    Once a part is uploaded you can:

    1. Select your desired material type and process, this will help narrow down the 100 materials we offer
    2. Input threads and tapped holes, inserts, special tolerances, surface roughness and welding joints on the features tab
    3. On the finish tab, several options are listed, custom and standard is always available if you do not see the material or finish you are looking for
    4. Upload PDF files and add extra notes on the notes/drawing tab 
    5. Don't forget to click apply all when you make a change
    6. Once your part is configured, you can purchase it right away, create a pdf of a quote, or share it with a colleague!

    Don't see a price? Maybe one of the parts requires a manual review. Feel free to request a manual review from our expert team!

    Note: If you have any tapped holes, or any tolerances smaller than +/-0.005", please add that information in the Features tab and use the Notes section for important details. You can attach a PDF drawing in that section as well.

  • What file types do you support for instant quotes?

    PCBWay can interpret a variety of 3D CAD file types for instant online quoting. These include: Method Suppored Formats
    *.iges, *.igs, *.prt , *.step, *.stp, *.x_t , *.sldprt , *.stl , *.rar , *.zip

    Note on STL files
    STL files cannot be used to fabricate CNC, Sheet Metal, or Injection Molded components. Please use another file such as an SLDPRT or STP.

  • What’s the cost of 3D printing? How are prices calculated?

    We cannot provide the exact formula for competitive reasons, but we can provide some key factors used to price each material. We will be tweaking our pricing algorithm regularly in the future to make more material available for accurate, instant pricing.
    • Material Volume – The amount of material needed to 3D print your product.
      In most cases, the actual volume of your 3D model itself determines the amount of raw material that is used to produce it. Making your model smaller or thinner reduces material cost.
    • Support Volume – The amount of support material required to 3D print your product in Fine Detail Plastic
      Fine Detail Plastic is printed on a build plate, where the print head deposits liquid plastic layer by layer, starting at the bottom. To overcome gravity, the 3D printer surrounds the cured plastic with wax that will support the layers that come above. So every cavity, overhang, and negative angle requires support in wax. That wax gets melted away after the product emerges from the 3D printer.
    • Bounding Box Volume – The dimensions of your product used to determine the space it takes inside our 3D printers
      Unlike Machine Volume, Bounding Box Volume is based on the dimensions (L x W x H) of your product, not the amount of space the product takes inside the 3D printer. For example, if your product is a bowl, in some materials, we can plan parts inside the hollow cavity of the bowl. Machine space calculates the amount of space your product takes up, not including the hollow cavity of the bowl. However, for other materials, it is not possible to place other parts inside the bowl. Bounding box calculates the amount of space your product takes up, in this case the total dimensions including the hollow cavity of the bowl.
    • Machine Space – The amount of space your product takes inside our 3D printers. This is usually related to bounding box volume of your 3D model.
      Generally speaking, bigger parts cost more. However, occasionally, we can reduce the cost by packing other parts inside of it. These models must be hollow, have cavity openings of at least 40mm, and be strong enough that they don’t break when the inner models are removed.
    • Number of parts – The number of parts that need to be handled individually during production.
      This matters because each individual part needs to be oriented and planned before printing. We call this step “tray planning.” Then it must be cleaned, sorted and packaged. Dyed and polished parts need to go through a few more steps, increasing the cost per part.
    • Production – Associated production costs including labor of post-processing or surface treatment; quality control; machine maintenance; general utilities; and other supporting services required to 3D print your product.
    • Startup Cost – The minimum contribution to make for the work of changing the material in the printer. It is counted only once per material per order. This startup cost varies for different materials. Normally it’s $5-20 for most materials.
    • Minimum Order Value – The minimum order amount is $25 excluding shipping cost. Which means if your parts manufacturing cost is less than $25, we will still charge $25, so it’s more economic to order multiple copies if your part is cheaper than $25.
    • Per Part Fee – Since each parts has to be post processed manually, we normally charge extra per part to cover the labor cost. Normally it’s less than $1 per part, but if the parts are too complicated, the per part fee will be higher.
  • Online Chat & Support

    Hi! You can chat with a PCBWay team member LIVE between the hours of 0:00-24:00 (GMT+8) Time Monday through Friday (10:00 -12:00 Saturday). There is a chat icon in the bottom right of the page!

    If we are unavailable to chat live please feel free to email us (3dcnc@pcbway.com) and we will respond as soon as we can.

    Thank you so much!

  • How can I reach my sales rep?

    Every customer at PCBWay has a dedicated account representative. They can assist you in setting up new projects, vendor approvals, setting up your account for NET terms, and escalating requests. If you have quoted or ordered, you may have already received an email with their contact information!

    There is a chat icon in the top right of the My PCBway page!

Auto Quote 7 questions
  • What is your minimum order quantity?Do you have minimum order value?

    PCBWay does not have a minimum order requirement. Feel free to order just one if that is all you need. Our services can help you scale from one-offs and prototypes all the way to mid- and high-volume production. Price per unit may decrease significantly over multiple quantities as well as some processes becoming cost-viable, such as injection molding
    The minimum order amount is $25 excluding shipping cost. Which means if your parts manufacturing cost is less than $25, we will still charge $25, so it’s more economic to order multiple copies if your part is cheaper than $25.

    Per Part Minimum Order Value
    Since each parts has to be post processed manually, we normally charge extra per part to cover the labor cost. Normally it’s $- per part, but if the parts are too complicated, the per part fee will be higher.

  • What’s the status of my order?

    For Manual Review&online quote orders, you can see the order list here.
    Order status:Under Review - Awaiting Payment - Uncompleted Payment - Production Status (No production progress tracking yet)- Delivery - Completed
  • How to order parts on online quote?

    1. Upload CAD drawings to the canvas, supported format: stl,obj,stp,step,igs,iges,zip,png,jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp,dxf
    2. The model please note: default file unit is mm, click ‘inch’ to switch unit.
    3. Select material from the dropdown, you can also search by name.
    4. Check the price which indicates the estimated unit cost of manufacturing instantly. Please note: The price is NOT the final offer, there might be updates after technical review.
    5. Place order with secure online payment methods like PayPal and credit card.
    6. View order detail in your dashboard and wait for our technical review & manufacturablity check.
    7. We start producing if everything is checked and confirmed, if the drawing needs modification or extra payment, we will notify you via email.
    8. We ship the package and you wait for the delivery.
    9. Give us some feedback and prepare for the next project 🙂
  • Can I upload multiple 3D models in one time?

    Yes! You can compress multiple parts(STL format only) in one ZIP folder.If you have a lot of parts, you can pack them together, but we will consult you about the material, post-processing, quantity and other information of each part

    However we don’t recommend you to do so. The parts will be automatically re-packed in system, since the shipping cost is calculated based on bounding box of the packed models, this might increase the estimated shipping cost. Also packed models is harder for system to process.

  • What will happen when my order is being reviewed?

    NOTICE: Order status and total amount might update after technical review! We’ll send you the updates via email. Possible Changes of online quote Order:

    1. Require modification
      Through our technical review, your 3D model has design errors that makes the part not manufacturable, we might need you to modify it or cancel the order.
    2. Extra manufacturing cost
      Might occur due to high complexity or high risk of producing/post processing your parts.
    3. Extra shipping cost:
      Might occur due to over-weight/over-size/extended area surcharge or unpredictable special occasion.
    4. Order cancellation
      Your order might be rejected if we decide your requirement impossible to meet, or the products might violate any laws/regulations.
  • Why can’t I find some materials in Online Quote?

    The parameters we provide for online pricing are most commonly used materials, “Online Quote” shows the very best that PCBWay can offer:Full Spec parts, Highly Specialized Precision Parts, & Large Scale Production,but sometimes some materials are temporarily out of stock. but you can enter custom materials.
  • The price is different after I add it to cart, why?

    There is no system quotation for the time being. Please wait for the engineer's feedback after placing the order for the final quotation, post-processing fee, and freight.
Material 2 questions
  • What processes/materials do you offer?

    We have 200+ different materials for our 3D printing/CNC machining/Injection Molding/Vacuum Casting/Sheet metal  service with several available finishes.

  • What’s the best material for my parts?

    If you are familiar with different processes/materials, you can help yourself by browsing our material list.

    This is the core advantage of PCBWay, in any other platforms they cannot provide as comprehensive solution as we do. To get idea of the best material, you just need to specify the following key information in your Note field while submitting request for quote:

    • Purpose: Prototype or end product?
    • Item Usage: What’s it used for?
    • Quantity: 1-10/10-100/100-1000/1000+
    • Priority: Stength/Accuracy/Smoothness etc.

    You can also attach instuction along with 3D model, this way we’ll have a clear understanding of your project and our tech team with provide the best solution for you!

Ordering 7 questions
  • What’s the price, leadtime and NDA procedure for manufacturing our design?

    1. Pricing: We have multiple materials available, the best way is to upload your file and get accurate quotation by instant pricing engine and manual review
    2. Lead time: Time for manufacturing depends on the material/complexity of the model/total quantity, so please elaborate your project to get a better solution. For example, our fastest lead time for SLA resin printing service can be within 1 day, and also we have various shipping priority ranging from overnight express to over-month freight.
    3. You can get self-signed NDA from 3dcnc@pcbway.com
  • Can I cancel my order?

    If your order has not yet been reviewed or paid(but not pre-production), feel free to cancel it.

    Once your order has been accepted by PCBWay and manufacturing cost is paid, it can no longer be cancelled .

    We are unable to cancel any order items after they begin pre-production.  All of your order items are printed on-demand, we do not have or keep any stock in our manufacturing facilities.  Because of this, all sales are final.

    Please contact our support team 3dcnc@pcbway.com if you have a question about your order’s production or turnaround time.

  • Do I have to pay for customs and import taxes?

    At PCBWay, we will declare the goods as ‘sample’ or ‘prototype’ for low quantity orders, and we will declare the value of your goods as end products, which will be much lower than costs of making prototypes or small batch samples. And we normally declare the values as samples/gifts under $25 USD.Others pls learn more /helpcenter/Findproducts/Do_I_have_to_pay_for_customs_and_import_taxes_.html

  • What should I do? There is no parameter process in the pricing system

    Fill in your requirements in "Other Special request" or
    1. Contact your sales representative for help.
    2. chat with us for help at the bottom right of the page.
  • Why is my order still under review?

    3d file review and manufacturing does not have 24-hour production like PCB, only daytime production (GMT+8) 9:00-21:00,Your order may be more special or more complex process, we need to audit the order seriously, usually when the order is still under review more than 24 hours, or have special circumstances to suspend, your exclusive salesman will take the initiative to send e-mail to communicate with you. Please always pay attention to the mail information, or contact 3dcnc@pcbway.com

  • Orders Combination, Shipping and Payment Policy

    One Payment, One Shipment!

    1.      The purpose of order combination is to save shipping cost. If your schedule for your PCBs is not tight, combine your orders and ship together.

    2.      By combining all these orders to one Group and pay now, you hereby confirm all these orders will be shipped together around xx-xx-xx. This is the date that we can finish your last PCB order in this ORDER GROUP, and we may need some extra time for express company (No Service On Sunday) to pick up your package.

    3.      If there exists expedited order(s), or you need some regular order(s) to be shipped earlier, please tick the order(s) and pay separately so that we can ship as scheduled for the specific order(s).

    4.      We strongly suggest you pay for your orders on or before 8:30GMT, so that our factory can start fabrication the same day immediately.

  • How can I upload 3D model for manual review?

    You should upload your file to PCBWay in order to get an accurate quote in all eligible materials, to check models’ printability. You’ll need to signup for an account if you want to upload your own files.

    To do this, log in to your account, You can head straight to the upload page .

    Click the UPLOAD button, this way a dialogue will pop up. Select the file you want to upload, this file be start uploading right away.

    • You can upload zip/rar file to request multiple parts with same material and process.
    • You can click + button to add more rows with other materials/processes.


    You can upload the following file-types:
    *.iges, *.igs, *.prt , *.step, *.stp, *.x_t , *.sldprt , *.stl , *.rar ,*.zip

    For textured files (to print in full color materials), upload a ZIP folder containing the 3D file and the texture file in one of the acceptable formats:
    3D files: *.iges, *.igs, *.prt , *.step, *.stp, *.x_t , *.sldprt , *.stl , *.rar ,*.zip
    Texture files: GIF, JPG, PNG
    Make sure the ZIP folder contains these files only, and that they’re not in an extra folder within the ZIP folder.


    We can only accept files that are smaller than 50 MB. If your file exceeds this limit, consider either compressing the file to a ZIP folder, and/or reducing the polygon count of your model.

Payment 5 questions
  • Which payment methods can I use on PCBWay?

    On our website you can use the following payment methods: Paypal:Pay easily,fast and secure with PayPal. many other credit and debit cards via PayPal. Bank/Wire transfer:To pay by wire transfer using your bank account, you need to visit your nearest bank branch with the wire transfer information. Your payment will be completed 3-5 business days after you have finished the money transfer. Credit Card:You can pay with credit card:Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, e-Carte Bleue, CB. The other payment method is Aliexpress, which supports the following methods to pay.8.7% aliexpress fee was counted and showed if you choose this method.For the aliexpress payment link,please contact your sales representative: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, DOKU, Mercado Pago, Boleto, bancontact, TEF, iDeal, Giropay, Sofort Banking, Carte Bancaire (Carte Blue), Przelewy24, SMS Payment in Russia (MTC, MegaFon, Beeline, TELE2), Cash Payment (Euroset, Syvaony, Russian Post), and AliExpress Pocket
  • How can I pay by Wire Transfer?

    Orders with prices over US $10 can be paid by Wire/Bank Transfer. Please follow the steps below: 1. Select Wire Transfer on the checkout page 2. Click Continue to get the Beneficiary Account Number that you need to transfer your payment. Wire Transfers can only be made in US Dollars 3. Print out the section containing your wire transfer information 4. Go to your local bank to transfer the money. Bring the printed wire transfer information and show it to the bank officer before making your payment 5. The status of your order should change to "Paid" within 7 business days. Note: - Make sure that the payment transferred to PCBWay is in US Dollars - Please note the PCBWay order number when transfer payment and notify your customer service representative after payment, so we can start production in time. - Transfer the full amount in one payment. Do not divide a payment into more than one transfer. - Keep your bank remittance slip for future reference. - Please contact the PCBWay Customer Service Team if the order status has not changed to "In Fabrication,Awaiting Delivery" 3-5 working days after you transfer. - When using bank transfers, please transfer enough money to cover all banks` service fees. This will ensure that PCBWay receives your full payment and will help you avoid monetary loss caused by refunds or disputes.
  • How can I combine multiple orders in one single payment?

    Even when youre buying from different times, you can still pay for your orders in one go. Here’s how:

    1. Go to Awaiting Payment or Under Review

    2. Select the orders(pass,payment) you want to pay for.


    3. Click Proceed to checkout. 

    Please note that  If you pay together it means that these orders shipped together, or you need to pay separately.

  • What should I do if my card payment has failed?

    If your payment has failed, please check the following: 1. Please make sure you have paid with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro (debit card) or paypal. 2. When making payment on paypal, Please contact your paypal to confirm what happened. 3. If your card has expired or your payment has exceeded your card’s limit, please contact your card issuer. 4. If you got an error notice on the checkout page, please check your card information and try to pay again. If this doesn’t work, you can try using another card or another browser.
  • 3D Secure Frequently Asked Questions for Debit or Credit Card

Delivery 2 questions
  • How many shipping methods on pcbway?

    PCBWay.com offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.
    DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS, FedEx, China Post Air Mail, epacket , PCBWayExpress
  • Where do you ship my orders from?

    We will ship your orders from China mainland, our 3D manufacturing facilities locate in many cities all over Chinese mainland, but all orders will be shipped from shipping warehouse in HangZhou and Shenzhen.

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