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Engineering Student Program

"We'd like to help sponsor you or your team with your competitions/school projects."

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Educational PCB Program

Students are our future engineers who will re-shape the world surrounding us. Some of the most creative and audacious electronic research comes from our students in universities or even high schools. Therefore PCBWay.com feels proud to sponsor teachers and students for their PCB needs. The biggest challenge of modern electronics is that the components are so miniaturized that students can no longer use universal boards and the parts can no longer be reliably hand soldered. By streamlining manufacturing processes, PCBWay.com is capable to fabricate your PCBs in as short as 12 hours, and offers PCB assembly under one roof as a consecutive service. Our strong network of parts suppliers makes the sourcing quick, reliable and cost-effective.

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‘‘PCBWay provides a way for creative students to change their ideas into reality,
making the world a better place to live in.’’

— PCBWay.com CEO