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PCB Prototype the Easy Way

Full feature custom PCB prototype service.

No production progress for Stencil order and some PCB Orders?

1.Normally, for the common PCB order, once you finish payment, we will start production after confirming all the details for the second time and making the working gerber file.

And you are able to see the every stage of the PCB fabrication that is synchronized

with PCBWay inner platform.

2.However, as for stencil order, or PCB order with special technique will be produced by different and high production line. So the production process is not is synchronized with our platform.

You may see this kind of order is always under process 0% since payment, but actually they are under production.

For one stencil order, it usually takes 1-2 days to finish production.

For special PCB order, it can takes longer time for the review period. The lead time varies and usually is longer than the common PCB order. Lead time depends on the technique requested, but you can see the estimated delivery date online after it passes the review.

3.Which kinds of PCB order belong to the order with special technique then:

PCB required "Additional Options " in the framed choices below, such as stack-up or impedance control, buried or blind holes demand;

Flex board, rigid-flex board.

Surface finish like OSP or hard gold

some BGA design, HDI board , any other special technique, etc.


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