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Refuse conductive adhesive technology in pcb manufacture

What is conductive adhesive?

Conductive adhesive is adhesive that has conductive performance in solid or dried state. Its main  components are matrix resin and conductive fillers, also means conductive particles. 

The particles of the conductive component are in contact to each other and in this way make electric current possible.

What is PTH?

PTH is the abbreviation of “eletcroless Plating Copper”, also known as Plated Through hole, which is a self-catalytic redox reaction. Two or multiple layer pcb will start PTH technology after drill . technological process. electroless plating is used to form the conductive part of plated through holes. The non-conductive part is treated with palladium catalyst and then made conductive by electroless copper plating.

In the manufacture of printed circuit boards, the cost of conductive adhesive process is only one-sixth of the copper-immersed process. In order to save costs some enterprises reduce the quality standards, they take advantage of conductive adhesive technology rather than PTH technology. 

The following are disadvantages of conductive adhesive technology:

1: Low conductivity. The resistivity of most conductive adhesive is 10-3~10-4Ω·cm. And poor thermal conductivity, which limits the use of power components.

2: Poor stability of contact resistance. In hot and humid environment, the contact resistance of the conductive adhesive will rise rapidly over time.

3: Poor mechanical properties;

4: Conductive filler easy to migrate.

PTH technology can avoid inner loosen of the hole, holes easily blocked by the gel, resistivity change and other issues. You can do the overheat test and burn-in test to determine the quality.

PCBWay insisted on quality first all the time and never will lower production standards. We take advantage of PTH technology since we established. For the healthy development of the industry, I hope everyone joins us to refuse conductive adhesive, please do not buy very cheap pcb if you consider the quality. And we will develop ourselves to offer better service, welcome to supervise us.

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